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SMDC Air Residences Condominium in Makati. Price, Location, Features

SMDC Air Residences

Situated in the economic hub of Philippines, Air Residences by SMDC offers the finest and Luxurious designs at some of the lowest prices in real estate business. With tons of amenities and surreal surroundings, your stay here is bound to be amazing.Sprawling over an area of 8000 sqm, Air Residences will be comprised of 59 floors of approximately 4000 residential units. The parking space is going to be approx 607 thereby providing an adequate space.

A stunning location which keeps you relieved from the noise and distraction of the core city while allowing you to feel connected to the vibrant alive atmosphere due to its proximity, Air Residences construction work is in full swing and is expected to be completed by 2021. A lot of nearby Landmarks provides an utmost value to this SMDC product and hence its prices are expected to soar in the upcoming years.

Tell me more about Air Residences
SMDC is rampant in expanding its reputation through high-class residential units. Air Residences is the latest addition to its family. Keeping in mind the people of all age groups, this latest addition provides exciting outdoor as well as indoor features and is open for the locals as well as the international people. Allow us to give a brief overview.

Important Landmarks: - Air Residences is taking it full shape near the PBCom Tower, RCBC Plaza. The reputed educational, as well as the medical institutes, are located nearby like the Mapua, STI, and FEU. For emergency events, a fire station is also situated nearby.

Amenities of International Standards: - With the aim of matching the international standards, the amenities are being given a prime importance by the SMDC.

1.    Lounge area: - By having a grand lobby, you can invite your friends, families for a quality refreshing time. With such fantastic place to relax, you would never be tempted to go to the outside places. You would be able to organize parties and events at such fantastic amenity at your own convenience.

2.    Swimming Pool: - A separate swimming pool for the adults as well as the kids would allow you to have a peace of mind knowing that your kids are enjoying their playful activity in the safer kids pool. Cleaned and maintained Swimming pool with fresh water is a fantastic amenity to have. The stresses of a tiring hectic day would easily vanish away through a frolicking swim in the hygienic water of the swimming pool.

3.    Jogging Track: - A wide jogging track serves more purpose than just for a sprint and a jog. It allows you to meet up your neighbors and form cordial relations with them. A well-maintained track also allows you to kick start your morning with a pleasant morning run. Surrounded with a cleaner environment, your body will benefit from the best nourishment through lush green surroundings.

4.    Pool/ Billiards Table: - With a spacious dedicated room, playing Pool and Billiards would be thoroughly enjoyable. A perfect way to have a fun time with your neighbors.

Air Residences: - Features of your Luxurious home
SMDC holds mighty repute for providing excellent indoor features at cost effective prices. Just like amenities, the indoor features provide a feeling of exuberance and make you feel grateful for life. From the entrance door to the flooring, we assure that there will be no compromise on the quality.

Expect to have a terrific kitchen layout with shiny homogeneous tiles of standard 600*600. Tiles are easy to repair in case of damage and provide an excellent outlook to the overall aesthetics of the house. They are also able to absorb the heavy foot traffic and easy to clean thereby requiring less maintenance from your end.

With the high demand of power consumption, you will able to simultaneously run multiple electrical appliances without the worry of power trip off. The AC units will be provided in each of the bedrooms.The false/ high ceilings are an efficient way of keeping your room temperature lower especially during the peak summer thereby reducing your power consumption for cooling. False ceilings are also planned to be provided for the majority of residential units which provides a sophisticated look to your room.

Outdoor Features of Air Residences
Even with a ton of indoor features, the living premises are incomplete if they lack quality outdoor features. At Air Residences, SMDC has left no stone unturned in providing outdoor features at par with the international standards. Let us give a brief overview.

Parking System: - Apart from the conventional parking space at the underground level, there are ample parking units provided at the 3rd and 5th floor also. Your friends and relatives can easily think of spending days at your house without the worry of parking space. There will be adequate provisions of modern security systems at the parking spaces along with the presence of security personnel. Theft and damage to your automobiles is a costly affair and hence SMDC has decided to employ the best security provisions so that there is a zero occurrence of such instances.

Maintenance and cleaning: - Clean and hygienic environments provide immense soothing to our stressful lives. Mother Nature is the fundamental unit of the life force and therefore Air Residences assure you of providing supreme quality of hygiene and well-maintained areas at all times. You will never be bothered to intervene for such issues to the higher authorities.

Recreational activities: - A fun and a relaxed environment allow us to spend quality time with our families and kids. With lots of open spaces available at the Air Residences, it would be a perfect scenario for having some recreational activities and to form stronger bonds with our friends and family members. Lush green open spaces provide fantastic nourishment to the whole mind and the body. The elderly, as well as the kids, often require space to have their own moments and this open spaces allows them a plethora of opportunities.

Data Connectivity: - Living in a highly digitized era requires a massive amount of bandwidth at any instance of time. Be it for personal or professional usage, Data has now become the oxygen of life. It is not important but rather imperative to have a high quality and reliable internet connectivity at any living premises. Luckily, Air Residences has planned the layout for installation of fibers and other network related equipment. Having cordial relations with major isp's and by acquiring legitimate licenses and approvals from the concerned authorities, we assure you the availability of quality bandwidth at all times.

Elevators: - High-speed elevators provide an easy commute to floors. Twelve high-speed elevators are intended to be provided with all provisions of modern security features along with security personnel who will arrive at a moment’s instance in the case of emergency. The elevators will be of standard capacity.

Commercial shops at ground floor
With a fantastic resource of nearby shops, you would never have to go out of the premises for buying your daily stuff. Air Residences have planned out a dedicated area for commercial shops at the ground level. These commercial venues will provide a fantastic shopping experience for your all needs. There is a definite possibility of receiving home delivery services once everything gets rolling.

Fire and Alarm System
Prevention is always better than cure. Abiding by this universal truth, Air Residences will be provided with Fire and Alarm systems at appropriate distances including the parking spaces. Such high-tech measures will create an immediate alert even by sensing the smoke.

Backup power generator
In the case of blackouts (a very rare possibility) at the premises, your basic electrical devices would be powered by our silent backup generator. This facility might be available at the expense of a nominal charge. Most of our clients are expected to carry out commercial activities from their residential units and power cut situation can cost them significant commercial returns hence such measures are kept in place.

Renting and Resale value
Resale value is of prime importance these days. Every bit of your investment needs to and should provide you with an appreciable return. Doesn’t matter if it takes a couple of years, you can be very well assured that Air Residences prices will soar high and you will have enough leverage to demand significant prices from your potential buyers. Even in the case of renting the space out, your tenants would not hesitate to provide you with handsome rental charges owing to the location and amenities provided at the Air Residences.

Investing your money and faith in the Air Residences
Being highly experienced in the area of Real Estate builder, the expectations are always high from SMDC and we are forever intended to build projects so that it offers a complete aspect of a standard quality life. With such high profile nearby landmarks and amenities, you can be absolutely sure of enjoying a vibrant and satisfactory life. Allow us to summarize the important quality aspects about the Air Residences.   

Magnificent locations: - A highly bustling yet relaxed environment is an ultimate place to live. You will get the same experience of living at Air Residences due to its close proximity to massive attractions in the city. Lying in a peaceful atmosphere will allow you to destress from the hectic working schedules of your life. The cost price of all the residential units will skyrocket in just a couple of years.

Work Ethic: - It is a no secret that work done with utmost passion and ethics produces magnificent results. As much as organized and detailed our planning be, it is of no use unless executed with utmost perfection and care. And we are grateful to have a quality and reliable workforce transforming our vision into reality. A major part of your investment goes to the human resources and there will never be any compromise on such aspect.

Giving you the units well within the dedicated time frame: - We understand your eagerness in moving into your residential units. We are highly confident of completing the entire work well within the stipulated time frame. Until and unless there are natural or unavoidable circumstances, you can be assured of receiving your unit well before the deadline.

Payment Structure: - Your financial circumstances should never be an obstacle in owning your dream home. This is why SMDC has set up a highly affordable payment structure which a majority of working class people can bear. There may be some genuine cases where few people might be having some constraints even with our highly affordable payment structure. To them, we highly suggest to come and get in touch with us and we may allow a customized payment structure depending on the circumstances and the availability of the units.

A promise to keep you updated about the process: - We are strictly committed to maintaining the highest level of professionalism. We do maintain an open transparency and communication with our clients and keep on updating them about the ongoing work process. There may be instances where our clients might feel an urge to provide their valuable input in the construction process. To such people, we highly welcome them to let out their opinions without any hesitance. Take out some free time and meet us at the office hours and we would gladly welcome you with the refreshments.

Living a perfect life at Air Residences
Life is surprisingly short. We always dream about living our life to the fullest and on our own terms and conditions. A high standard residential unit is a vital aspect of any satisfactory life. A house located near such quality locations and environments provide feasibility in the conveyance, comfort most importantly an increased self-esteem and gratitude towards life. Seeing the trend of real estate business which is at all time low at this moment, the time is perfect to own a residential unit at such affordable prices.

You can have your queries and doubts regarding investment at the Air Residences and we sincerely acknowledge that. However, letting the doubts to stop you from contemplating investment would be highly unwise. You can and should always come and have a word with us in case you are really interested in our offerings. Do not wait for the right moment. The right moment exists now. It may very well not exist tomorrow or in the foreseeable future since we are receiving a tremendous response at this pre-selling stage. Come and book your unit at the Air Residences.

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