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        San Antonio Residences
        San Antonio Residences
        Megaworld Megaworld San Antonio Residences San Antonio Residences Megaworld San Antonio Residences Makati
        6,010,000 & Up PHP
        Condominium   Studio, 1 BR, 2 BR, 3BR
        Calle Malugay Street , Makati , Metro Manila PH San Antonio Residences Megaworld San Antonio Residences San Antonio Residences Megaworld San Antonio Residences Makati
        The Ellis Makati
        The Ellis Makati
        Megaworld Megaworld The Ellis Makati The Ellis Makati Megaworld The Ellis Makati Makati
        4,238,000 & Up PHP
        Condominium   Studio, 1 BR, 2 BR
        L.P. Leviste St., Salcedo Village, , Makati , Metro Manila PH The Ellis Makati Megaworld The Ellis Makati The Ellis Makati Megaworld The Ellis Makati Makati
        Three Central
        Three Central
        Megaworld Megaworld Three Central Three Central Megaworld Three Central Makati
        6,770,000 & Up PHP
        Condominium   Studio, 1 BR, 2 BR
        Valero St.,Salcedo Village , Makati , Metro Manila PH Three Central Megaworld Three Central Three Central Megaworld Three Central Makati
        Victoria De Makati
        Victoria De Makati
        New San Jose Builders New San Jose Builders Victoria De Makati Victoria De Makati New San Jose Builders Victoria De Makati Makati
        8,800,000 & Up PHP
        Condominium   Typical Unit
        Dela Rosa St. , Makati , Metro Manila PH Victoria De Makati New San Jose Builders Victoria De Makati Victoria De Makati New San Jose Builders Victoria De Makati Makati
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        Makati condos are one to be amazed with. Not because of the condos themselves but because of the city itself. Living in this city enables you to access the unimaginable including the financial aspect.

        History of Makati City
        The name "Makati" is derived from the Tagalog word kati -standing for tide, from the Pasig river. Makati was initially a swampy land making it quite useless. It transformed to a religion centre after the two earliest church were erected in the region. The churches undoubtedly drew pilgrims from different areas of the Philippine country. This saw the slow but steady growth of the region. Later, the Fort McKinley was established in the province by the Americans. In 1937, the first international airport was constructed in Makati, the Nielson Airport, which is now the Ayala triangle. The 2nd world war saw the destruction of the town. However, after the war, the town grew rapidly into an affluent city. Offices started being built in the town leading to the now Makati Central Business District.

        The development of the town attracted investors both from within Philippines and foreign investors. This saw the town blossom into financial and commercial centre. Initially, Makati was part of Rizal province but was later separated from it.

        The Economic Aspect of Makati City
         Have you ever wondered why the city is nicknamed as 'The financial capital of Philippines?' This is because it is the hub of both local and multinational corporations; banks, embassies, and several organizations are located here.  It is a financial and commercial city. The city is centrally located making it the best place for carrying out business. If you are a businessman you don't have to think twice about the place not only because its location but also because of the corporations. The city is highly populated with over five hundred thousand inhabitants. With this number of residents what would make your business not prosper? The city is alive both during the day and during the night. Business is high especially during the day because people commute to the city on a daily basis; to work, to school, to find essentials etc. Makati city's population increases up to 4 million people during the day thus making it the epitome of prosperous business. The city remains to be one of the richest cities in the world because of both job opportunities and the ability to provide skilled labour to the investors due to the daily influx of people to the city.

        Living in Makati condos is an amazing experience to those studying for all levels of education. This being a rich city, investors could not forget this important sector. There are schools just around the corner for children. Every parent knows the importance of living near their children's schools. Avoid the hustle of taking your children to and from school, save time and energy. Above all you will be avoiding the worry that grips you when you remember the distance that your child has to cover and the risks and dangers that they may encounter on their way home.

        The city sorts its residents in matters education.  Your children's education need not be disrupted due to your residence. There are both public and private schools in the city from elementary schools up to universities. Bangkak Elementary School, Cembo Elementary School and East Rembo Elementary School are just an example of public elementary schools in Makati. For those who prefer international schools, you are not left out. Reach International School is there for you from kindergarten to level 12. Canadian American School is also located in Makati. It is up to you to decide whether you want your child to walk to school or to take a school bus for everything is at your disposal.

        Shopping Centres and Malls In Makati
        What does Makati city lack? Makati is filled with shopping malls and outlets. The city offers both enclosed malls and open-air markets for its residents, tourists and those who go their to work only. The community malls are wonderful places to do your shopping if you are not into major shopping centres since they offer almost everything that these major shopping centres offer. What is even amazing is that these malls are located in almost every street of the city. These community malls offer the basic needs of Makati's residents. The Ayala Centre and Rockwell Centre are the hub of malls in Makati.

        Makati's malls not only cater for our kitchen needs. There are lifestyle malls which most of them being boutiques. For women, this is one place to live in for you will never have to worry about your closet. Avenue Mall and Century City Mall are there for all your lifestyle needs. Bargain malls are also found in the city in areas such as Makati Cinema Square, Cash & Carry and The Landmark.

        One thing about most of the malls found in this city is that they have parking lots. For those who drive, major shopping malls designated areas for parking your cars.

        When talking about shopping malls we cannot forget about office employees. There are many food stalls for those looking to buy affordable meals. Restaurants in Makati are uncomfortable and offer wide variety of food from Chinese to French food. When you want to eat out you can drive to the Central Business District and find your favourite meal. If you have visitors to take out, restaurants such as the InterContinental Manilla are there for you.

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        Commuting in Makati
        A place is referred to as good or bad according to the transport system in the area. Makati condos just have to fall on the positive side when it comes to transport in the city. Without good roads and good means of transport nothing will be possible but with Makati condos you just don't have to worry about that.Makati being an affluent and highly developed city, its residents do not have to worry how they will go to school or work or even how they will attend events and functions that they are invited.

        Buses serve all around the city however, you cannot get in or off the bus as you wish. The bus stops only at designated bus stops. This is helps to minimize traffic. The colour coding is active 24 hours thus it is safe to walk with the kids. You can commute by train, the MRT which has four stops. Using the train is an inexpensive way of commuting. Two of Metro Manila's main artery pass through Makati thus it is convenient to use a car since they go through all parts of Makati. Those from southern Metro Manila can use Skyway highway to reach Makati while The South Luzon Expressway runs through the western part of Makati and connects the city with Manila to the north and with southern Metro Manila. For those who do not have cars taxis are in abundant in the city and will take you to your desired destination. There is also the use of the ferry due to the Pasig River by the use of Pasig River Ferry services which offers an alternative means of transport to Makati. There are seven underpasses which are located along the streets of Ayala avenue and Paseo de Roxas.

        We all need a place for recreation and if they are right there at our homes the better. Makati condos cannot be looked down upon this is because they are located in the hub of recreation centres. The high number if tourists who visit Makati prompted the construction of recreation facilities in the city. As one of the most vibrant cities in the country Makati offers a great experience to its residents and tourists. Each barangay has a basketball court in place and they total up to 35 basketball courts in Makati. The New World Makati Hotel is a wonderful place to visit if you want some swimming. It is located in the heart of the city therefore giving you an easy time to purchase goods on your way home. For those who are keen about their fitness, there are several amazing fitness centres in the city for instance CrossfitMML at 109 Gamboa street, Slimmers World at Salcedo street and Fitness Centre at 6783 Ayala Avenue among other centres. For yoga fans centres such as Shangri-la are there for you.

        Health Facilities
        We all know the importance of living near a health centre. Sometimes life emergency situations occur and Makati condos are not far from these health centres. Not only are the emergency health issues painstakingly need attendance but also appointments with doctors need adherence to the schedule. As one of the places making up Metro Manila, Makati has the best hospitals ever with qualified and efficient doctors and nurses. These hospitals comprise both private and public hospitals.

        Healthkard Hospital is located at 104 Herrera street, Jose Viray Memorial Hospital is located at 3525 Mola street, Maria Lourdes Maternity Hospital located at 1076 Don Chino Roces Avenues. There are also many clinics lined up for you in Makati for instance Pimentel Medical Clinic in Tejeros, Lagman Medical Clinic and diagnostic Centre in lapaz etc.The availability of hospitals has to be checked hand in in hand with their accessibility. Hospitals in Makati are easily accessible considering the developed transport system and the availability of different means of transport that is, by car, train and by bus. The different routes to one street is another thing to be thankful for because you can avoid traffic jams when going to and from the hospital. The smooth roads ensure the avoidance of worsening of the patient's situation.

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        For The Lovers of Historical Sites
        Makati city is one that never disappoints for there is something for everyone. As a resident of Makati city there are several historical sites where you can visit together with your kids or your partner. These sites are simply the best ever enabling one to visualize the ancient times. They never tire the eyes for they seem different each time you visit them.

        There is the Magallanes Interchange which was opened in 1975. It is a breathtaking view considering how it serves as the junction between the South Luzon Expressway (SLEX) and Epifanio de los Santos Avenue (EDSA) and also as an interchange between the 2 train lines of Metro Manila, the MRT-3 , which is over EDSA, and the PNR Metro Commuter , beside SLEX. Whoever came with this turbine interchange deserves appraisal.

        Nuestra Señora de Gracia Church is another historical site which proves the ancient residents' belief in God. The way it was constructed is another topic itself no wonder it is being used oftentimes for wedding purposes. Saints Peter and Paul Church found in D.M. Rivera Street is a colonial mission church with tasteful architectural design.

        Parks and Museums
        Makati is rich in museums and parks. These museums showcase the rich history of the Philippines for instance the Ayala Museum which contains arts dating back to the Mactan battle. It also has paintings from famous artists for instance Juan Luna. The Filipinas Heritage Library contains a profound collection of books; over ten thousand volumes on the Philippines history. This is a one place to visit for those who love to read and in this case, those who love to read historical books.

        The language spoken in Makati is English therefore for those who do not understand the Filipino language do not have to worry about communication. There are also schools that teach Filipino language right there in Makati making it way easier for you during your stay in the city.

        There are more than 200 condominium buildings in Makati so finding a place to stay is not that hard. You don't have to live where you cannot access services whether basic or not. Makati condos are there for you with everything at your doorstep. However, the high population in Makati exerts pressure and causes traffic in the city's services and utilities.